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ReFrog is a TCU Sustainability Committee volunteer initiative whose mission is to make TCU's move-out process more sustainable by diverting usable items from the landfill to community members. Students, alumni, parents, faculty, and staff were dismayed to see that in the rush to move out, many students discarded perfectly usable items into overflowing dumpsters. This year, we have teamed up with partners on and off campus to rescue these items from the landfill and get them into the hands of people and organizations who will continue using them.

2023 Donation drive

Where to donate

Drop-off stations will be open at Moncrief Hall and at Worth Hills between Clark and Marion Halls at the following times:

  • May 10, 11, 12 3pm-8pm

  • May 13 10am-4pm

What to donate

We can accept the following items if they are in good condition:

  • Office, school, and art supplies

  • Clean, gently-used clothing, shoes, belts, hats, scarves, gloves, jewelry

  • Clean, gently-used sheets and towels

  • Desk and floor lamps

  • Dishes (non-glass), silverware, cookware, storage containers

  • Unopened, non-perishable food

  • Unopened hygiene products

  • Desk chairs

  • Non-fragile decorations (rugs, curtains, wall hangings)

  • Games

  • Electronics (working or not)


We cannot accept:

  • Opened food, hygiene, or cleaning products

  • Broken or fragile items

  • Items missing parts or pairs

  • Used underwear and socks

  • Mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows


The initiative is staffed entirely by volunteers. To volunteer, sign up here!

Our partners

Support for this initiative comes from:

  • TCU's Student Government Association (SGA)

  • TCU Facilities staff

  • TCU Housing staff

  • DFW Capsule

Donation recipients for 2023 will include:

For more information

Please send any questions, suggestions, or concerns to

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