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TCU recycling bin

Recycling at TCU

TCU contracts with Waste Management in Arlington, TX to collect its recyclables and uses single-stream recycling, which means all recyclable items can be placed in the same bin.

Just because a product has a recycle symbol, that doesn't mean it's recyclable in your area. Check out our guidelines below to confirm.

There is a persistent myth that TCU custodial staff sort the recycling from the trash.

This is NOT true.

Please place trash and recyclables in the proper bins.

Help us increase our recycling rate

recyclables in trash.jpg

Sample of recyclables found in a trash bin during Sustainability Week

recycling contamination.jpg

Sample of trash found in a recycling bin during Sustainability Week

Putting recyclables in a trash bin costs you money.

  • Trash pickup is more expensive because waste management companies can't recover any of the costs of collection like they can with recyclables.

  • More resources have to be mined or extracted to create new materials.

Putting trash in a recycling bin also raises costs.

  • Contaminated paper products can't be recycled so they must be transported to a landfill from the materials recovery (recycling) facility.

  • Trash can get stuck in the sorting machines, halting processing or breaking a machine.

Put these items in a recycling bin


glass recyclables.jpg
  • Dump liquids and rinse.

  • Leave labels on.

  • Remove cap and trash it.

  • All colors accepted.


paper recyclables.jpg
  • Should be clean and dry.

  • Flatten boxes and remove tape, if possible.

Metal cans

metal can recyclable.jpg
aluminum can.jpg
  • Remove solids and rinse out.

  • Should be clean and dry.

  • Leave labels on.

  • Don't crush aluminum cans.


plastic recyclables.jpg
  • Should be rigid plastic.

  • Dump liquids and rinse.

  • Screw cap back on.

  • Leave labels on.

  • Plastics #1-5 and 7 accepted.

Don't put these items in a recycling bin

Do not place in recycling
plastic bag recycling bin.jpg


Plastic Bags

  • Retail plastic bags can be reused as trash bags or dropped off for recycling at most retail stores or at the city of Fort Worth's drop off stations.

  • Plastic food storage bags and plastic packaging bags cannot be recycled and should go in the trash.



  • Gently-used clothing can be donated to Berry Good Buys or Goodwill and many others.

  • Minor damage can be repaired.

  • Heavily soiled or damaged items can be reused as rags and then thrown away.

Find recycling bins on campus

Use our interactive campus map to find the location of recycling bins.

Report a maintenance issue on campus

If you see a maintenance issue on campus, visit the TCU maintenance, repair, and replacement FAQ to find out what to do and who to contact.

To find out who is the building manager for a particular building, call 817-257-7956 or dial 7956 from an on-campus landline.

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Recycling in Fort Worth

Visit the city of Fort Worth's recycling page to learn what can be recycled, when your collection dates are, and how to dispose of hazardous, bulky, and electronic items.

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