The TCU Sustainability Committee is dedicated to supporting activities that promote sustainability on and off campus in the areas of academics, environmental stewardship, health and well-being, and campus operations. Much of this work is carried out by a volunteer network of passionate students, staff, and faculty, but funding for events, materials, and incentives will help us deepen our impact and demonstrate the value of sustainable action.


Here are some ways that your generous donation could support sustainability initiatives at TCU:

  • Sustainability-themed events, including guest speakers, film screenings, and symposia

  • Awards for significant achievements in sustainability

  • Producing and sharing information that raises awareness and promotes sustainable behavior

  • Grants that support creative and scholarly work related to sustainability

  • Grants that support other sustainability initiatives on campus


If you would like your donation to support a particular initiative, including an initiative that is not currently listed, please contact us!

To make a donation
  1. Visit TCU’s Giving page.

  2. Enter your donation amount and select OTHER (last option) from the Designation dropdown menu.

  3. IMPORTANT: In the box that asks you to indicate where you wish the gift to go, enter TCU Sustainability.

  4. Follow the remaining steps to submit your contact, billing, and payment information.

  5. Accept our sincerest gratitude for supporting sustainability at TCU!

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