For anyone who breathes, drinks water, and eats food, it is crucial that we learn how to live sustainably in the world that provides us with these resources. Specifically, how can we impact the natural environment as lightly as possible, provide economic opportunities that nurture both natural and social capital, and treat all human beings equally?

These diverse approaches are often referred to as the “three-legged stool” of sustainability, because if any of these legs is omitted, the whole structure will collapse.


Students who minor in Sustainability at TCU will be introduced to environmental, economic, and social aspects of sustainability, and will have the opportunity to explore these approaches in greater depth. After completing this minor, students will have a knowledge base emphasizing the interconnection and interdependence of human interactions with the natural world and implications for sustainable development, both locally and globally.


The interdisciplinary nature of the program will also facilitate the development of the critical-thinking skills needed to operate effectively in diverse academic and industry environments.


A campus-wide faculty committee acts as stewards of the program, along with the Institute for Environmental Studies.


ENSC 10143 Contemporary Environmental Issues

ANTH 30663 Food Justice

ANTH 30743 Animals, Religion, and Culture

ANTH 30783 Anthropological Approaches to Nature and the Sacred

ANTH 30823 Native American Religions and Ecology

ANTH 40433 Transnational Processes: Globalization, Migrations, and Borders

ECON 40970 Experimental Course

ENGL 30153 Nature Writing in Nature

HIST 40853 American Environmental History

PHIL 20333 Environmental Philosophy

POSC 33133 Energy and Global Geostrategy

RELI 30783 Religion and Environmental Ethics

SOCI 20223 Social Problems

SOCI 30233 Sustainability: Environmental, Social & Economic Issues

SOCI 30253 Environmental Sociology

SOCI 40303 Animals, Culture and Society

BIOL 30403 Ecology and the Environment

BIOL 40353 Wildlife Ecology and Management

ENGR 30113 Energy in Society

ENSC 30133 Concepts in Environmental Science

ENSC 30313 Environmental Issues in Costa Rica

ENSC 30453 Wildlife Research Project

ENSC 40193 Environmental Stewardship Seminar

ENSC 40603 South African Biodiversity and Human Development Part 1

ENSC 50233 Urban Wildlife

ENSC 50333 Energy Development and Wildlife Conservation

ENSC 50703 Environmental Compliance

ENSC 50753 Environmental Management Systems

ENSC 50793 Environmental Sustainability

NTDT 30993 A Global Perspective in Food Insecurity

RAMA 20103 Challenges of Global Food Production

MANA 30773 Entrepreneurship and Energy

GEOG 30813 Environment and Society